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Upcoming Exams in California

The California Department of Human Resources provides state residents with the opportunity to compete for open positions through testing.  Tests are also administered on the city and county level.  Success on these exams can help candidates gain employment with state, city or local government.

For a complete list of state exams currently available in California, refer to the CA Jobs website.  Note that many exams in California are scored by the test candidates' education and experience rather than with a written test.

Currently scheduled written exams are listed below and organized by jurisdiction.  If you are considering applying for one of these exams, or if you've already signed up and are scheduled to sit for an exam this year, click on the name of the exam to see the corresponding Passbook study guide.

For titles marked with a (*), e-mail our research department at info@passbooks.com for suggested book titles.


California Highway Patrol Officer (CHP)
Law Enforcement Aptitude Battery (LEAB)
Peace Officer / Police Selection Test (POST)
Public Safety Dispatcher, CHP


Test of General Educational Development (GED)
Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC)
High School Equivalency Test (HiSET)
Test Practice Book for 100 Civil Service Jobs
California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE)

California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST)
California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET)


Police Officer


Police Officer Recruit


Police Officer Trainee


Police Officer


Police Officer


Police Officer Recruit


Abestos Worker
Accounting Clerk
Airport Police Officer
Animal Control Officer
Applications Programmer
Assistant Street Lighting Technician
Building Mechanical Inspector
Custodian Supervisor
Data Processing Technician
Electric Distribution Mechanic
Electrical Craft Helper
Electrical Mechanic
Electrical Test Technician
Equipment Mechanic
Field Engineering Aide
Gardener Caretaker
Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic
Housing Inspector
Load Dispatcher
Park Ranger
Plumbing Inspector
Police Officer
Police Service Representative
Police Specialist
Port Police Officer
Programmer Analyst
Recreation Facility Director
Security Officer
Senior Custodian
Signal Systems Electrician
Systems Analyst
Systems Programmer
Tree Surgeon
Warehouse & Toolroom Worker
Wastewater Collection Worker
Wastewater Treatment Electrician
Wastewater Treatment Mechanic
Water Utility Worker
Workers' Compensation Analyst


Administrative Assistant II
Administrative Intern II
Administrative Manager 10. ISD (Environmental Initiatives)
Administrative Manager 13. ISD (Environmental Initiatives)
Agricultural Inspector Aid
Agricultural/Weights & Measures Inspector II
Agricultural/Weights & Measures Inspector III
Agricultural/Weights & Measures Inspector I
Ambulance Medical Technician 
Animal Control Manager
Animal Control Officer I
Animal Control Officer II
Animal Control Officer III
Animal Control Officer IV
Application Developer II
Assistant Chief Stationary Engineer
Assistant Director, Bureau Operations , Sheriff/Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)
Assistant Electromechanic (Sewer Maintenance) 
Assistant Mental Health Counselor, RN
Associate Agricultural/Weights & Measures Inspector
Audio Specialist, DA
Audio, Video, and Security Systems Technician
Audiologist I
Audiologist II
Automated Fingerprint Identification System Technician I
Biomedical Engineer
Biomedical Equipment Technician
Building Engineering Inspector
Capital Projects Management Associate, PW
Capital Projects Manager, Public Works
Cardiac Electrodiagnostic Technician I
Cardiac Electrodiagnostic Technician II
Career Development Intern, Crafts Support
Career Development Intern, Heavy Maintenance & Operational Support
Career Development Intern, Information Technology/Technical Support
Career Development Intern, Office Support/Clerical
Carpenter Supervisor
Central Services Supervisor I
Central Services Technician II
Certified Medical Assistant
Chief Epidemiologist
Chief Information Officer, Department of Health Services
Chief Nursing Officer I (Correctional Health)
Chief Physician I (Various Specialties) 
Chief Physician II (Various Specialties) 
Chief Physician III
Chief Radiologic Technologist I
Chief Stationary Engineer
Chief, Audit and Compliance, Health Services
Child Support Officer II
Children's Social Worker I
Children's Social Worker II
Children's Social Worker III
Civil Engineering Assistant
Clerk, NC (Temporary)
Clinic Licensed Vocational Nurse I/Licensed Vocational Nurse I
Clinic Physician M.D
Clinical Instructor- R.N.
Clinical Laboratory Scientist I
Clinical Laboratory Scientist I (Blood Bank)
Clinical Laboratory Scientist I (North County)
Clinical Laboratory Scientist II
Clinical Microbiologist II
Clinical Nurse Specialist (Various Specialties)
Clinical Nursing Director II
Clinical Pharmacist 
Clinical Psychologist I
Clinical Psychologist I/Spanish Speaking
Clinical Psychologist II
Clinical Psychologist II/SS
Clinical Psychologist Intern
Clinical Social Work Chief I
Clinical Social Work Supervisor I
Clinical Social Work Supervisor II
Communications Service Analyst
Construction Inspector
Consulting Specialist, M.D.
Coroner Investigator
Court Records System Clerk II, Sheriff
Custody Assistant, Sheriff
Custody Records Clerk II, Sheriff
Dental Hygienist 
Dental Specialist 
Departmental Facilities Planner I
Departmental Finance Manager III Title IV-E Waiver Plan
Deputy Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer
Deputy County Counsel
Deputy County Counsel California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)/Land Use
Deputy District Attorney II
Deputy Public Conservator/Administrator II
Deputy Public Defender II
Deputy Public Defender III
Deputy Sheriff / Trainee
Deputy Sheriff Lateral
Detention Services Officer
Director of Medical Photography
Disaster Services Analyst
District Tree Superintendent 
Election Assistant I, NC-Assistant Trainer (Temporary)
Election Assistant I, NC-Clerical (Temporary)
Election Assistant I, NC-Election (Temporary)
Election Assistant I, NC-Multi Languages
Election Assistant I, NC-Warehouse (Temporary)
Election Assistant II, NC-Clerical (Temporary)
Election Assistant II, NC-Election (Temporary)
Election Assistant II, NC-IT Technical Support (Temporary)
Election Assistant II, NC-Japanese Language (Temporary)
Election Assistant II, NC-Thai Language (Temporary)
Election Assistant II, NC-Trainer
Election Assistant II, NC-Truck Driver
Election Assistant III, NC (Temporary)
Election/Recorder Services Supervisor - Election
Electroencephalograph Technician II
Electroencephalograph Technician Supervisor
Electronics Audio Technician
Electronics Communications Technician
Electronics Communications Technician Supervisor
Elevator Mechanic
Eligibility Worker I (Veterans Internship Program)
Eligibility Worker II
Emergency Management Coordinator I, CEO
Emergency Management Coordinator II, CEO
Emergency Management Coordinator III, CEO
Environmental Health Specialist II
Environmental Health Specialist III
Environmental Health Specialist IV
Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Investigator
Evidence & Property Custodian I, Sheriff
Evidence & Property Custodian III, Sheriff
Examination Proctor
Facilities Program & Project Division Manager (Administrative Manager 13, ISD)
Financial Specialist II
Financial Specialist III
Financial Specialist IV
Genetic Counselor
Group Supervisor, Nights, Probation 
Hazardous Materials Specialist II
Head Patient Financial Services Worker
Head Respiratory Care Practitioner
Health Educator
Health Facilities Consultant, Occupational Therapy
Health Facilities Consultant, Pharmacy
Health Facilities Evaluator, Nursing 
Health Information Management Assistant Director
Healthcare Interpreter
Helper, Electrical (Permanent)
Information Systems Analyst I 
Information Technology Supervisor
Intermediate Clerk, (Veteran Intern Program)
Intermediate Clerk, Career Development Intern
Investigator II. Public Defender
Laboratory Assistant
Laboratory Quality Control Coordinator
Laboratory Support Supervisor I
Landscape Architect
Lead Respiratory Care Practitioner 
Legal Office Support Assistant II
Librarian I
Librarian II
Librarian III
Librarian Intern
Librarian IV
Librarian V
Library Aide
Management Secretary III
Manager I, Facilities Operations & Crafts (
Health Care)
Manager II. Facilities Operations & Crafts
Manager III. Facilities Operations & Crafts
Manager IV. Facilities Operations & Crafts
Manager, Board Relations, Health Services
Medical Caseworker II
Medical Director I
Medical Director I/Correctional Services
Medical Director I/ Managed Care Services
Medical Director I/ Martin Luther King Outpatient Center
Medical Electronics Technician
Medical Electronics Technician Working Supervisor
Medical Service Coordinator, CCS
Mental Health Clinical Program Manager I
Mental Health Clinical Program Manager II
Mental Health Clinical Program Manager III
Mental Health Clinical Supervisor
Mental Health Clinician 
Mental Health Clinician/Stipend
Mental Health Clinician II
Mental Health Counselor, R.N.
Mental Health Psychiatrist 
Mental Health Psychiatrist/Adolescent
MRI Technologist I
MRI Technologist II
Network Systems Administrator I
Network Systems Administrator II
Nuclear Medicine Technologist I
Nuclear Medicine Technologist II
Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Special Procedures
Nurse Anesthetist II 
Nurse Manager/Public Health
Nurse Practitioner
Nurse Practitioner - Correctional Health
Nurse Practitioner/ Psychiatric MH
Nurse - Midwife (Certified Nurse - Midwife)
Nursing Assistant, Sheriff
Nursing Attendant I
Nursing Attendant I, WDAC Training Program
Nursing Attendant II
Nursing Director, Administration
Nursing Instructor (Emergency Medical Systems Programs)
Nursing Instructor (In-service Education)
Nursing Instructor (School of Nursing)
Nutritionist I
Nutritionist II
Occupational Therapist I
Occupational Therapist II
Occupational Therapy Assistant 
Occupational Therapy Supervisor I
Occupational Therapy Supervisor II
Ocean Lifeguard Specialist
Ophthalmology Technician
Orthopedic Technician
Orthopedic Technician
Patient Financial Services Control Supervisor 
Patient Financial Services Control Worker (Non-Megaflex)
Patient Relations Representative
Pest Control Worker
Pharmacy Services Chief III
Pharmacy Supervisor
Pharmacy Technician
Physical Therapist Assistant
Physical Therapist I
Physical Therapist II
Physical Therapy Chief I
Physical Therapy Instructor
Physical Therapy Supervisor I
Physical Therapy Supervisor II
Physician Assistant
Physician Specialist (Non-Megaflex/Various Specialties)
Physician Specialist, Correctional Health (Non-Megaflex)
Physician Specialist, Non-Megaflex (Pathology- Forensic Specialty)
Physician, M.D. (Non-Megaflex)
Power Equipment Technician
Principal Accounting 
Systems Technician
Principal Analyst
Principal Information Systems Analyst (Electronic Health Record)
Principal Radiation Protection Specialist 
Program Implementation Manager, Health Services
Program Implementation Manager, Health Services/Performance Improvement 
Psychiatric Social Worker I
Psychiatric Social Worker I/SS
Psychiatric Social Worker I/Stipend
Psychiatric Social Worker II
Psychiatric Social Worker II/SS
Psychiatric Technician II
Psychiatric Technician III
Public Health Investigator
Public Health Nurse
Public Information Officer I
Public Response Dispatcher II
Public Works, Laborer, Permanent
Public Works, Maintenance Worker
Pulmonary Physiology Technologist II 
Pulmonary Physiology Technologist III
Radiation Protection Specialist 
Radiation Technologist
Radiation Technologist, Special Procedures
Record Systems Clerk II, Sheriff
Recreation Services Leader (Recurrent, As Needed)
Recreation Services Manager
Recreation Therapist I
Recreation Therapist II
Recreation Therapy Supervisor
Refrigeration Mechanic 
Regional Planning Assistant II
Registered Nurse I, Sheriff (Correctional Health)
Registered Nurse I/Relief Nurse
Registered Nurse II (Correctional Health)
Registered Nurse III (North County)
Registered Veterinary Technician 
Relief Nurse (Internal Registry)
Relief Physician
Relief Physician (Correctional Health)
Relief Physician, Emergency Medicine (Correctional Health)
Renal Dialysis Equipment Technician
Rescue Boat Captain
Research Analyst, Behavioral Sciences
Respiratory Care Practitioner
Respiratory Services Manager 
Section Manager, Administration, ISD (Environmental Initiatives)
Senior Associate County Counsel
Senior Capital Projects Manager, Public Works
Senior Civil Engineering Assistant
Senior Clinical Social Worker  
Senior Cook
Senior Deputy Compliance Officer (Equal Employment Opportunity/Workforce & Employee Development)
Senior Deputy County Counsel
Senior Health Facilities Evaluator, Nursing
Senior Information Systems Analyst (Electronic Health Record)
Senior Investigator, D.A.
Senior Laboratory Assistant
Senior Management Secretary IV
Senior Network Systems Administrator 
Senior Paralegal
Senior Physician (Various Specialties)
Senior Physician Assistant
Senior Physician (Correctional Health)
Senior Physician/Director of Community 
Senior Property Conveyances Examiner
Senior Public Information Assistant
Senior Respiratory Care Practitioner
Senior Student Worker, Nursing
Senior Telecommunications Systems Engineer
Senior Water Service Worker
Senior Weed Abatement Worker (Permanent)
Senior Weed Abatement Worker (Temporary)
Sheet Metal Worker
Sheriff Station Clerk II
Sign Language Specialist 
Social Worker
Speech Pathologist I 
Speech Pathologist II
Speech Pathologist I 
Speech Pathology Chief
Speech Pathology Clinical Fellow
Stationary Engineer II
Steam Fitter
Student Professional Worker I
Student Professional Worker II
Student Worker 
Student Worker, Nursing 
Supervising Appraiser/Audit
Supervising Appraiser/Business
Supervising Appraiser/Real Property
Supervising Clinic Nurse I/Supervising Staff Nurse I
Supervising Clinic Nurse I/Supervising Staff Nurse II
Supervising Clinical Laboratory Scientist I
Supervising Clinical Laboratory Scientist III
Supervising Coroner's Investigator II
Supervising Emergency Management Coordinator, CEO
Supervising Epidemiologist
Supervising Health Facilities Evaluator, Nursing
Supervising Mental Health Psychiatrist
Supervising MRI Technologist
Supervising Nuclear Medicine Technologist 
Supervising Parking Control Officer
Supervising Patient Financial Services Worker I
Supervising Patient Financial Services Worker II
Supervising Psychologist 
Supervising Radiologic Technologist II
Supervising Rehabilitation Counselor 
Supervising Staff Nurse (Correctional Health)
Supervisor of Residents, M.D. 
Surgical Technician 
Survey Technician I
Telephone Operations Supervisor II
Tissue Analysis Technician II
Tree Trimmer Working Supervisor 
Tree Trimmer (Permanent)
Tree Trimmer (Temporary)
Utility Tractor Operator
Veteran Intern, Administrative Support
Veteran Intern, Crafts Support
Veteran Intern, Heavy Maintenance & Operational Support
Veteran Intern, Information Technology Support
Veteran Intern, Office & Clerical Support
Veteran Intern, Technical Support
Veterans Claim Assistant I
Victims Services Representative II
Vocational Workshop Instructor - Graphic Arts/North County
Vocational Workshop Instructor - Sewing/North County
Volunteer Programs Director
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Water Service Helper I, Permanent
Water Service Helper II
Weed Hazard & Pest Abatement Worker (Temporary)
Welfare Fraud Investigator
Youth Worker (Countywide Youth Bridges Program)
Youth Worker, Facilities Support (Countywide Youth Bridges Program)
Youth Worker, General Labor (Countywide Youth Bridges Program)


Police Officer - Entry-Level


Dispatcher I
Dispatcher II
Police Officer (Recruit)


Deputy Sheriff Cadet - Detentions/Court Services


Supervisory Test Battery (STB)
Management Test Battery (MTB)
Assistant Engineer
Assistant Purchaser
Collections Officer (*)
Glazier Supervisor I (*)
Behavioral Health Clinician
Buildings and Ground Control Officer
Cashier II
Cement Finisher Supervisor I
Chief Surveyor
Director of Communications
Director of Primary Care
Engineering Assistant 
Equal Employment Opportunity Programs Specialist
Executive Director, Southeast Community Facility Commission
Legal Secretary
Landscape Architecture Associate II
Management Assistant
Principal Administrative Analyst
Peoplesoft Financial System Director
Principal Human Resources Analyst
Principal Parts Storekeeper
Project Manager III (Folsom Area Storm Water Improvement Projects)
Property Tax Manager (Manager II)
Secretary II
Senior Administrative Analyst
Senior Budget Analyst
Senior Human Resources Analyst (*)
Social Work Specialist- HSA
Transit Operator
Utility Specialist
Utility Specialist - Power Wholesale & Retail Services
Wastewater Control Inspector
Water Meter Shop Supervisor I
Zoning Administrator I


Community Service Officer I/II - Police
Laboratory Technician I/II (*)


Office Specialist