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Upcoming Exams in Illinois

The Illinois Department of Central Management Services provides state residents with the opportunity to compete for open positions through testing.  Many positions in state government are filled through mandatory automated multiple-choice examinations.

For a complete list of state exams currently available in Illinois, refer to the Illinois CMS website.  Note that many exams in Illinois are scored by the test candidates' education and experience rather than with a written test.

Currently scheduled written exams are listed below and organized by jurisdiction (where applicable).  If you are considering applying for one of these exams, or if you've already signed up and are scheduled to sit for an exam this year, click on the name of the exam to see the corresponding Passbook study guide.

For titles marked with a (*), e-mail our research department at info@passbooks.com for suggested book titles.


Account Clerk I
Account Clerk II
Account Technician I
Accountant Advanced (*)
Accountant Supervisor
Administrative Services Worker Trainee
Automotive Mechanic 1 & 2
Building/Grounds Laborer
Building/Grounds Maintenance Worker
Clerical Trainee
Communications Equipment Technician I
Corrections Food Service Supervisor I
Data Processing Administrative Specialist 
Data Processing Assistant 1 & 2
Data Processing Specialist 
Data Processing Technician
Data Processing Technician Trainee
Disability Claims Adjudicator Trainee
Electronic Equipment Installer/Repairer
Employment Security Program Representative 
Employment Security Program Rep - Intermittent 
Employment Security Program Representative 
Executive Secretary I, II, III, Opt 2 & 3
Firearms Eligibility Analyst Trainee
Forensic Scientist Trainee, Opt A, B, & C
Guard II
Highway Maintainer
Human Resources Assistant 1 & 2 
Human Resources Associate 1 & 2 
Human Rights Investigator Trainee
Information Systems Analyst, I, II, & 3, Opt N, J
Insurance Analyst I & II, Opinion 2 (SQ)
Insurance Performance Examiner I -- Opt 1 & 2
Intermittent Clerk, Opt 1 & 2
Intermittent Laborer -- Maintenance
Laboratory Assistant
Maintenance Equipment Operator
Maintenance Worker
Meat & Poultry Inspector Trainee
Natural Resources Technician I
Office Administrator I, II, III, IV, V, Opt 1, 2 & 3
Office Aide/Office Clerk/Office Assistant, Opt 1, 2, 3
Office Assistant/Office Clerk, Option 5
Office Associate, Opt 1, 2, & 3
Office Coordinator/ Office Specialist, Opt 1, 2 & 3
Office Coordinator/ Office Specialist, Option 4
Office Administrative Specialist, Option 4
Pharmacy Technician
Public Aid Eligibility Assistant
Rehabilitation Case Coordinator 
Residential Care Worker Trainee-Cook/Morgan Co
Revenue Tax Specialist Trainee
Security Therapy Aide Trainee
Site Security Officer
Site Technician II
Social Services Career Trainee
Stores Clerk
Support Service Worker
Switchboard Operator I
Telecommunicator Trainee
Terrorism Research Specialist Trainee
Unemployment Insurance Revenue Analyst I
Unemployment Insurance Revenue Analyst II
Unemployment Insurance Revenue Specialist
Veterans Employment Representative I, Option 2