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Upcoming Exams in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission (SCSC) provides state residents with the opportunity to compete for open positions through testing.  Success on these exams can help candidates gain employment with state, city or local government.

For a complete list of current and previously administered exams in Pennsylvania, refer to the SCSC website.  Note that many exams in Pennsylvania are scored by test candidates' education and experience rather than with a written test.

Currently scheduled written exams are listed below.  If you are considering applying for one of these exams, or if you've already signed up and are scheduled to sit for an exam this year, click on the name of the exam to see the corresponding Passbook study guide.

For titles without a link or marked with a (*), e-mail our research department at info@passbooks.com for suggested book titles.

Accountant 1
Administration and Management Trainee
Audit Specialist 1
Corporation Tax Account Technician
Depository Financial Institutions Examiner 1
Executive Financial Associate
Financial Programs Trainee
Fiscal Assistant
Fiscal Technician
Fiscal Technician - Supervisory
Forest Technician
Highway Maintenance Coordinator
Insurance Company Examiner Trainee
Non-Depository and Securities Compliance Examiner 1
PLCB Marketing Analyst Trainee
PLCB Marketing Analyst 2
Public Utility Auditor Trainee
Revenue Tax Auditor Trainee
Unemployment Compensation Tax Technician Trainee

Listed below are general titles relevant to Pennsylvania test candidates:

Test of General Educational Development (GED)
Test Practice Book for 100 Civil Service Jobs