About NLC

National Learning Corporation is one of the nation’s oldest test preparation book publishers. We offer over 6,000 Passbooks to help applicants’ study for their next written examination of any kind of academic or career examination for secondary school, college or graduate or professional school entrance, professional license or certification, civil service test or any type of written examination.

NLC has been publishing the Passbook® series of test preparation books for well over 50 years. Our Passbooks closely follow the form and substance of the test description and present the full format and content of the “real” examination” by providing step-by-step instructions, and hundreds and hundreds of questions and answers sequentially and systematically. The applicant “takes” an actual exam as he or she studies numerous authentic questions and problems, builds upon areas of strengths and works to overcome weaknesses. 

If you want to achieve the highest score you are capable of, the last thing you need to do before entering that examination room is to spend your valuable time and money on the Passbook for your exam.