About Passbooks®

Passbooks® have been written and designed with a single purpose in mind. To help you prepare for, and to pass, your examination. If you are looking for a Civil Service, DANTES, CLEP, SAT, AP, CN, PRAXIS, GRE, LSAT, or any other examination, we are sure to have the book for you. You can start your search by either selecting an examination or career type below or you can enter a search term in the search field above. You may also download our Career Series (509 KB) and Non Career Series (518 KB) Catalogs.

Passbooks are like no other books you have ever used, containing just what you need to prepare for that big test, whether it be for school, career, license or profession. With over 6,000 titles, we have a Passbook for your test. Plastic bound to lie flat for study ease, Passbooks contain all the latest information to help you pass your test.

“Jack Rudman has really outdone himself in perfecting the ultimate preparation guide for the Dante Business exam. Jack’s clear and concise explanation of the subject has led me and the rest of my class at St. Joseph’s College to master the exam. Even my cousin with a learning deficiency has almost passed the exam and within seven to eight more tries I’m sure she will.”

Passbooks are not fancy – they’re plain and practical. They’re meant for hard study, marking, creasing and throwing out after use. “We’ve been around for more than 40 years. That should tell you something about our success in helping generations of exam candidates. We’re here to help you, too.”